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What is SR-22 and How to File It

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If you are involved in a grave driving offense, you have to face the law. Highway safety is very important and in Florida, you might be slapped with SR-22 in lieu of any driving violation.

SR-22 insurance or simply SR-22 (because in effect there is no such thing as SR-22 insurance), is not something to be taken lightly. Your driving freedom comes under the scanner if fail to carry it after you are penalized. 

SR-22, What It Means?

How do you keep a watch on risky drivers? SR-22 is the answer. It is the state’s way of keeping the risky drivers at bay. This kind of drivers needs auto insurance the most and if they do not have enough coverage, they target themselves and others as well, to the financial crisis. The risks double up due to their negligent driving. The SR-22 is also known as the certificate of financial responsibility.

SR-22 is the form coming with the vehicle insurance policy stating that the driver has appropriate coverage. You receive an SS-22 whenever you go against the law while driving. Offenses like the ones mentioned below attract the penalty:
          • DUI/DWI
          • Driving with no insurance
          • Frequent speeding tickets
          • A number of accidents
          • Driving with no license

When you receive the penalty, immediately file for SR-22 insurance.

How to File SR-22

Drivers are expected not to drive till their SR-22 is active and ready. Follow the below steps to get the SR-22.
          1. Contact your local insurance company: You cannot file the form on your own. It has to be done through              an insurance company and you may need to revise or upgrade your existing auto insurance. Some                            companies do not cover drivers with SR-22. Check all this beforehand.
          2. Agent files the SR-22 online with the state department: Here, you are asked to pay for the filing fee, 
          which will pay to the agent.
          3. You will obtain a proof of the SR-22 from your agency as well as from the state of Florida.
          4. You are needed to keep the SR-22 insurance active till 3 years. So, your auto insurance too needs to be                active during the period.

Talk to your insurance agent and get to know when you get free from the penalty and can resume driving without any restrictions. Filing the SR-22 is not the ultimate thing to return to the road without any legal issues.



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